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The english teacher online latino - Speakers of many widely spoken languages (including dutch and all the romance ones) distinguish voiceless stop pairs /p/, /t/, /k/ from their voiced counterparts /b/, /d/, /ɡ/ merely by their sound (and in iberian romance languages, the latter trio does not even need to be stopped, so its native speakers unconsciously pronounce them as [β], [ð], and [ɣ ~ ɰ] – voiced fricatives or approximants in the very same mouth positions – instead much or most of the time, that native english speakers may erroneously interpret as the /v/ or /w/, /ð/ and /h/, /w/, or /r/ of their language). Grzega, joachim (2005), "reflection on concepts of english for europe: british english, american english, euro-english, global english", journal for eurolinguistix 2: 44–64, and grzega, joachim (2005), "towards global english via basic global english (bge): socioeconomic and pedagogic ideas for a european and global language (with didactic examples for native speakers of german), journal for eurolinguistix 2: 65–164, and the press releases accessible via the basic global english website. For example, in advocating for classroom-based instruction in african-american english (also known as ebonics), linguist richard mcdorman has argued, "simply put, the esl syllabus must break free of the longstanding intellectual imperiousness of the standard to embrace instruction that encompasses the many "englishes" that learners will encounter and thereby achieve the culturally responsive pedagogy so often advocated by leaders in the field. English therefore involves not only helping the student to use the form of english most suitable for their purposes, but also exposure to regional forms and cultural styles so that the student will be able to discern meaning even when the words, grammar, or pronunciation are different from the form of english they are being taught to speak.

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la profesora de inglés de un instituto de una pequeña localidad, ve como su vida se ve afectada por el regreso a la escuela de un ...