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Online english teacher for koreans home based - Foreign teacher, becca s, who has been teaching esl in south korea for five years, believes “the school owners do whatever the parents want them to do for fear that the child will be pulled out of school and will cost the business money. Just only having an income but to help korean people to be an effecient english speakers as we knew how important the english language specially in exploring in this world as one of the tool of communication everywhere in the world. While taking a job for the financial incentive is not altogether a negative, foreign teachers must be prepared to work with some people who make it very clear that their passion for education is not the motivating factor behind their job. Many korean people believe these statistics are connected, and the south korean government has been forced to implement a 10 pm curfew for the 75% of students attending after school lessons in preparation for the 8-hour national college entrance exam.

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