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How to learn english grammar app - From the speaking component, busuu is actually quite similar to open languages—it’s based on the cefr language framework, and it’s also designed in a similar way – each lesson has some key vocabulary, a lesson dialogue, a writing practice session, a recording session (you practice saying some english out loud), a lesson review, and of course, the part where you can practice with other native english speakers. That means if you’ve never learnt english before, by using duolingo about twenty minutes a day, you can probably start to talk in simple english, read a lot of english articles, and listen to some basic english phrases in very little time. If you really like to improve your english grammar in a detailed way, it is an excellent english learning app that helps cover 12 grammar topics with 20 activities per topic for english learners of all levels. For example, you might have to match new words with a picture, you might have to translate an english phrase back to your native language, and you might have to repeat an english phrase.

English Grammar - Learn & Quiz - Free Android Mobile App

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samaysoftware.grammar You never knew English Grammar was so interesting!