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Daily english conversation - Like before, this can be applied to many different things see what you can do throughout the day with these exercises whenever you’re ready to finally improve your english speaking skills and start heading towards total fluency! Like the website, the fluentu app lets you learn english from popular talk shows, catchy music videos and funny commercials, as you can see here:If you want to watch it, the fluentu app has probably got it. However, to fully take advantage of this feature to improve your english speaking skills, you’ll need to repeat the word out loud, mimicking the way it’s pronounced by the app. There’s also an option to hear a british voice or an american voice, so choose whichever one fits the accent of english you’d like to learn.

Speaking English Fluently Basic English Conversation - Daily English Conversation

Daily English Conversation Lesson 001 - 100. Speaking English Fluently For Beginners: Basic English Conversation.