English speaking countries presentation

English speaking countries ppt - Students underline these in the transcript/place them in the correct order students are put into small groups and write down aims students then write down key points which they order, as in the example students decide who is going to say what and how students prepare visuals (keep the time for this limited as too many visuals become distracting) students practise at their tables students deliver the presentations in front of the class, with the audience having an observation task to complete (see 'assessment' below) the teacher takes notes for feedback later   it is important that the students plan and deliver the presentations in groups at first, unless they are extremely confident and/or fluent. Planning a presentation lessonnormally a presentation lesson will have an outline like this: revision of key language areas example presentation, which could be from a textbook or given by the teacher students are given a transcript or outline of the presentation students identify key stages of the example presentation – greeting, introduction, main points in order of importance, conclusion focus on linking and signalling words ('next…', 'now i'd like you to look at…', etc. Normally have one or more of the following aims: to inform/ raise awareness of an important issue to persuade people to do something form part of an exam, demonstrating public speaking/presentation skills in a first or second language   i set students a task where they answer these questions: why are you making the presentation?   why i get students to do presentations syllabus fit planning a presentation lesson aims classroom management assessment conclusion   why i get students to do presentationspresentations are a great way to have students practise all language systems areas (vocabulary, grammar, discourse and phonology) and skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening).

Focusky Video Presentation Example: 4 Main English-speaking Countries

For more info: http://focusky.com/ It is an example created by focusky.com, which introduces the basic information about the four ...